Questions about therapy

Most Common Questions

+Why is your title “RN, Psychotherapist”?
As a nurse, I have a protected title under provincial regulation. My professional college requires that, for the safety of the public, I use my Registered Nurse title as part of any communication in regards to my ability to competently practice psychotherapy. As of January 2020, nurses who are properly trained and experienced can provide psychotherapy without the need for a doctor’s order.
+How can a nurse help me?
As a nurse, I am qualified to provide a wide range of health care within my knowledge and skill set. I have over a decade of experience in mental health, working at some of the top hospitals in Ontario. In addition to therapy, I am able to take a look at the biological effects and impacts of emotional strain on your wellbeing, review your medications, speak to your doctor to discuss any side effects or possible changes in treatments based on your condition, and help you manage your self-care.
+Does therapy have to be a long road before I get better?
While individual results vary, therapy can be beneficial after the first session. Many clients have told me that within about 3 to 5 sessions they have gained a lot of insight and skills to manage better. A frequent statement I hear is, “Wow. I tried what you said, and that actually worked!”. Many times success in therapy can be attributed to evidenced-based approaches that are used in a healthy therapeutic relationship. Having these key ingredients will bring results faster than either one alone.
+Are your services covered under OHIP?
Unfortunately, not at this time. As the government continues to expand options for psychotherapy, there is the possibility that one day, psychotherapy provides by a nurse, could be covered. Health professional groups are advocating for increased provincial coverage within mental health. Right now, my services are private paid or “out of pocket”, for which you will receive a receipt. You may want to discuss with your insurance provider if services, such as CBT, are covered. If you have a plan with a health care spending account or a wellness benefit, you may be able to be reimbursed. Please discuss with your insurance provider directly.

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